Food /Cafeteria Attendant Jobs available In UAE

Extent Of Work:


To give quality nourishment introduction and administration as indicated by the lodging standard while keeping up great cleanliness according to approach.

Employment Responsibilities:

1. Keeping up appropriate nourishment temperatures for all sustenance items in the cafeteria.

2. Guarantees the full menu all through the opening occasions of the container, revealing missing things to the Executive Chef and the HR Manager.

3. Set up the nourishment and refreshment just as utensils preparing to serve on schedule.

4. To help with extraordinary occasions for example Iftar, National Days and so on.

5. Keeps the tables, seats, floors and so forth clean consistently.

6. Evacuates the trash as per arrangement and systems.

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7. Acknowledges duty regarding various errands including live cooking as required.

8. Exhibits the 12-Service Excellence Basics.

9. Keeps refreshed with the most recent industry patterns and new item in the market.

HR Responsibilities:

10. Goes to all lodging trainings as required.

11. Holds fast to all HR and inn approaches and methodology.

12. Constantly endeavors to improve self; learning and abilities.

Money related Responsibilities:

13. To get ready and present the exchange receipts to principle kitchen for any nourishment moved.

14. To guarantee that every outside visitor eating in the bottle have earlier endorsement and present a supper voucher.

15. Effectively takes part in vitality sparing and reusing activities.

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General Responsibilities:

16. Goes to every required preparation/gatherings.

17. Guarantee that the proper measures of direct, dress, cleanliness, uniform and appearance are kept up consistently.

18. Carefully sticks to the inn’s Policy on Confidentiality and Ethics.

19. Carefully pursues the lodging FSMS Program, including the tidiness everything being equal and bars, individual cleanliness measures for all sustenance handlers and month to month Hygiene Audits. (If it’s not too much trouble allude to HACCP Hygiene and Sanitation.)

20. Effectively takes part in all EHSMS prerequisites.

21. To complete any extra errands and tasks as mentioned by the Chief Steward/Human Resources Manager.

Occupation Requirements

Abilities and Skills

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Basic leadership




Effect and Influence

Winning Attitude

Learning and Continuous Development

Relational abilities

Character Traits



Self Motivated

Active and Friendly


Quiet and Kind

Comical inclination


Information and Language


Great Working Knowledge of HACCP Systems and Requirements

Great Knowledge of Cleaning Systems

Essential Spoken English


Great Knowledge of Food Presentation

Great Knowledge of Deep Cleaning Systems

Middle of the road Spoken and Basic Written English



Secondary School

Industry Based Certifications


Secondary School Graduate



Least of 2-Years Experience in a Similar Capacity inside 3 or 4 Star Hotels


Least of 1-Year Experience in a Similar Capacity 5-Star Hotels